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 FAW RV Generator
FAW RV Generator
  • ※ Green and energy efficiency
    ※ Security, reliable and strong
    ※ Economical and fuel saving
    ※ Low frequency check, mainteance cost
    ※ Pro-environment and clean
    ※ Super silent 59 dB
    ※ More small installation size

Key Words: WALT FAW Vehicle Mounted RV Diesel Generator

What is vehicle mounted diesel generator?
Vehicle mounted generator is a new kind of power equipment which connected vehicle and uninterrupted power supply system. It take full advantage of engine space during in the vehicle driving or parking, it can provide stable and continues electricity.

Advantages of WALT FAW Vehicle Mounted RV Diesel Generators

Space occupied small : It installed in the inner of vehicle engine space, powered by the engine, reduce space occupied.

Environmental protection and efficient use of the engine

Widely Applicable, include suitable for sensitive equipment and precision instruments.

Maintenance free

Features of WALLT FAW Vehicle Mounted RV Diesel Generators

Independent research and development.

The unique way of in and out of the wind, is especially suitable for RV, AD-Truck.

The maintenance doors are opened up and down, easy to use. Door can be removed, easy to maintain.

Special set of shock pad reduces vehicle braking effect on the unit.

A special set of insulation cotton can effectively cut off the unit operating temperature, which shall not affect the normal use of vehicle.

Intelligent control system to monitor real-time operation parameters and protect the generator.

Small and compact structure is easy to transport..

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