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Commercial Truck Off-Grid Power

WALT Power purposely designed super quiet compact permanent magnet diesel generators range from 6kVA through to 25kVA for your commercial trucks & caravans applications. These units can power any sensitive appliances directly and easy to start inductive motor equipment without extra kw.

If you’re planning to built your mobile restaurant business or have jobs in remote area than a trouoble-free & durable generator for your power needs is very important, and able run all of your appliances. such as air-conditioning units, televisions, hair dryers, microwaves etc, water heater, PC, ipad, ice cream machine, grinder and so on. 

Our vehicle-mounted diesel generator can meet requirements below

√. Noise Level - This is very important if you don't want others in the area becoming upset because of noisy generator. 

√. Run Time - The ideal number of hours should be able to working 8 hours full load at least after filling fuel. 

√. Compact and save space. Our generators won't take up much space in your truck or caravans, and won't add too much weight to your overall load.

Whether at business or away on your holiday adventure. When you're not able to connect to the power grid and solar hasn't soaked up enough sunlight, or need to recharge your deep cycle battery fast, our vehicle-mounted generator can come to the rescue, providing reliable and stable output. 

a. 16kVA single phase vehicle-mounted diesel generator powered by Kubota engine 
b. 25kVA three phase vehicle-mounted diesel generator powered by Kubota engine

WALT Power's RV Generators provide reliable output power at great prices and backed by 12 months warranty for your peace of mind. Complies with EU CE standards and certification. 


It's important to ensure you select the right diesel generator for your needs. Any questions or need some help please do hesitate to call us on 0086-18717996108 or via sales@waltpower.com

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