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Caravans & Food Vans (Trucks)

There is a compact design generator to power your portable mobile business or life. WALT Global Power generators are purposely designed with food vans/trucks, portable businesses, and caravans in mind. These super quiet compact generators range from 2.2kVA through to 22.5kVA and above so there’s a set that can power any portable and sensitive appliances. They are flexible, durability and affordable.

If you’re planning new site work through your caravans or establish mobile restaurant and food vans then you most likely need a quality and affordable a generator for backup power to be able to run most of your appliances. Having a suitable portable generator for your caravans and food vans (trucks) will give you the option to charge your deep cycle batteries, or to run those appliances that generally require a bit more power such as caravan air-conditioning units, televisions, hair dryers, microwaves etc. WALT Caravans and Food Vans Generators are an essential power to run those larger appliances. It’s important to consider these main factors:

1)   Noise Level - This is very important as you don’t want other campers or business customers in the area becoming upset because of your noisy generator. What you need is a quiet generator which is suitable for your caravan and food van needs, and our models listed below meet that specification. You will usually place your generator near your campsite area or downtown which means that a generator with a minimal noise level is the perfect choice.

2)   Run Time - The ideal number of hours your generator should be able to provide is at least eight hours. With a full tank of fuel, you should be able to rely on steady clean power that will keep running the whole night and whole business hours. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night or find a fuel station at business time to have to fill up the tank and then go back again.

3)   Small, compact and lightweight. WALT range of caravans and food vans generators are all small, compact and lightweight, so they won’t take up much space in your car or 4WD, and won’t add to much weight to your overall load.

WALT Generators can save the day, whether at home, work or away on your holiday adventure. When you’re not able to connect to the power grid, your solar power hasn’t soaked up enough sunlight and/or you need to recharge your deep cycle battery fast, a generator can come to the rescue, providing reliable and stable electricity.

Recommended Model List

WALT DIG-2600, Super Quiet 2600 Watts Portable Petrol Inverter Generator, click for details

WALT DIG-7000, Super Quiet 7000 Watts Portable Petrol Inverter Generator, click for details
WALT WGP-CL310, Super Quiet 11KVA Compact Permanent Magnet Diesel Generator, click for details.
WALT WGP-CL315, Super Quiet 16.5KVA Compact Permanent Magnet Diesel Generator, click for details.

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