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Off-Grid Solar Backup Generator

What is off-grid solar generator system?

Off-grid solar systems, also known as stand-alone solar systems, provide grid like electricity in areas where grid power is either unavailable or directly replacing expensive or unreliable grid power. Off-grid solar systems consist of roof- or ground-mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an Inverter and/or Charger to act as an interface between the different inputs.


Diesel Generators are incorporated into standalone systems as a backup power source. They are used to provide power during times of increased demand or extended periods of poor renewable generation


In larger solar systems there is often a diesel generator integrated to assist in periods of higher than usual demand or to act as a backup for extended periods of bad weather. Other renewable sources like wind and hydro can also be integrated if the environment allows for this.


Need emergency solar back-up generator for the home or professional use? WALT Global Power has a large range of auto-start generators to provide the power you need. With off-grid generators, youre sure to find the perfect auto-start generator for your home or business.


WALT supplies premium super quiet, efficient generator, built for off-grid power supply, backup power or just a reliable generator, none are built better than our WGP-W8/S Prime rated 8KVA Single Phase 230 or 240V Diesel Generator. It’s the ideal generator for operating your home or business for long periods of time. Our water cooled, 3 cylinders, low RPM (1,500rpm) model is perfect for all conditions from prime power applications, to standby use in residential, commercial, farming and off-grid solar operations. 

.Double Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Canopy

.DSE Controller

.Prime Rated 8kVA 240 Volt

.Water Cooled, 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 1500 Rpm

.Silenced 65dBA at 7 meters

.1 x 20 Amp 240 Volt Outlet

.3 x 15 Amp 240 Volt Outlets

.Australian Compliant

.Full RCD & M.E.N. Wiring

.Easy Connect ATS Plug

.2 Wire Start System

.Fully Bunded Fuel Tank

.48 Hours Run time fuel tank


The WGP-W8/S built for the purpose of b being a backup solar generator. Its also a perfect solution for a home standby generator, with the added option of a ATS. The WGP-W8/S was built to provide a complete solution all in one. The generator has some extensive features, with a 1500 rpm 3 cylinder diesel engin,e which is water cooled ,along with a double powder coated silent canopy, producing 8.8Kva standby power.

8KVA WALT Super Silent Compact Design Diesel Generator is available as  off-grid power supply.

2 Wire Start and How it Works.

Your solar inverter & MPPT charger are the two components that control your battery system and the charging components.

When your solar array isn’t putting in enough energy and your battery system is getting low on power, your inverter will send a start signal to turn on your solar backup generator. Our solar backup generator has a multi-function controller designed for 2 wire start.

The generator controller is set in AUTO awaiting its commands. The inverter sends the signal to the generator & sensors this through the 2 wire start system.

The generator starts and produces the 240v to the MPPT charger, which converts it to the low voltage. Once the system is archive it floats voltage in the battery bank.

The inverter will send another signal to turn off the generator. The generator will be still set in Auto, awaiting another signal for the solar system.

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