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Portable Silent 5.5KW Home Diesel Generator WDG-7800DSE

Our 5.5KW portable silent diesel genset WDG-7800DSE absolutely is Star Product for home and small business purpose. It is a new design with compact design power source with minimum fluctuations. Durability and long operation are designed in combined with mobility.


WDG-7800DSE portable silent diesel generator with electric key start is capable of running most homes and small business in an emergency situation. Equipped with our ATS system (auto transfer switch) can automatically management utility power and genset power switching. WDG-7800DSE has a super silent canopy with noise when loaded only 68 dBA. Provides 8.5 hours of continuous operation without re-fueling. Full-time power take on heavy-load tasks like air conditions, refrigerators and tools. Installed 360° rotating brake wheels more easy to move and stable placed when genset running. More Models, please click here.




. Model: WDG-7800DSE

. Electrical key start

. Voltage/Hz/Phase: 240V/50Hz, 1 Phase

. Maximum Output 5500W

. Rated Output 5000W

. Enclosed sound attenuation canopy. Key lockable

. 2×240V waterproof type sockets with plugs, 15 AMP rated

. 30Ah full capacity maintenance free battery

. 16 Liters fuel tank, 8 to 10 hours working time ( * depends on load capacity )

. Engine model: WDG188FA

. WALT Engine Continuous Output 10HP

. Engine Displacement 456cc

. 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled diesel engine

. Rated Engine speed (RPM): set to 3000 (50hz)

. Multi-function LCD meter – Yes ( volts, amps, hours, kW, Hz )

. Automatic Transfer Switch socket installed

. Auto Shut off-monitor

. Alternator type: Pure copper Brush-less

. Number of Poles: 2

. Alternator class: H

. Insulation: IP23

. Genset Dimensions L×W×H: 960×560×735 mm

. Weight: 173Kg


WALT Remote Control Start up to 100M in open space 

Note: Specification or configuration are subject to change without notification

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