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WALT 16KW Single Phase Super Quiet Diesel Generator for Special Vehicle WGP-CL116

As we know, in traditional food vans, lot of owners choose inverter gasoline generator because it can better suit senstive appliances. But meanwhile, due to output power limited, most of time users have to parallel two units inverter petrol generator to meet big power equipment start requirement. Traditional diesel genset can meet big power starting requirement but not suit in inductive and sensitive equipment in your mobile vehicle, so our WALT rare earth permanent magnet super quiet generator can solve this problem well. WALT 16KW super quiet diesel generator for special mobile vehicle powered by Kubota diesel engine for superior reliability and long service life. It fully designed for mobile vehicle use, includes food vans, caravans and digital mobile billboard trucks. Compact and light weight saved space. Due to coupled with rare earth permanent magnet alternator, so that the genset with high efficiency output power and suited for all sensitive, inductive and traditional appliances, such as iphone, ipad, laptop, air condition, refrigerator, ice cream machine, coffee grinder etc kinds of with starter motor products.  More Models, please click here.



WALT 16 KW Single Phase Super Quiet Diesel Generator for Sepcial Mobile Vehicle

. Model: WGP-CL116

. Prime Rated Power 16KVA/16KW

. Maximum Power 17.6KVA/17.6KW

. Voltage/Hz/Phase: 220V, 230V,240V/50Hz, 1 Phase

. Power factor 1.0

. Rated current 73A

. Enclosed sound attenuation canopy, Key lockable

. 45Ah full capacity maintenance free battery

. Hardware Terminal with

. Volt meter, Hz meter, Hours meter and Mains Circuit Breaker installed

. 31 liters fuel tank, 6.7 hours working time in 100% load

. Noise level 68.5 dBA at 7 meters

. Engine Model: Kubota D1005

. Engine Output power 17.2KW/3000 rpm

. Water cooled 4 stroke

. Engine displacement 1001cc

. Engine oil capacity 4.3 liters

. Recommended oil 15W40

. Fuel observation hole installed

. Water temperature alarm installed

. Oil alarm installed

. Auto Start controller optional

. Waterproof IP66 outlet kit optional

. Emergency stop button optional

. Lockable battery isolator optional

. Genset Dimension L×W×W: 1237×600×696 mm

. Weight 340Kg


Suited for all vehicle purpose, such as food vans, caravans, RV and so on 

Note: Specification or configuration are subject to change without notification

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