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110 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator 50 Hz

This is our most welcomed quiet diesel generator model. Compact, sleek design with 2.0 thickness cold rolled steel fully enclosed soundproof canopy. WALT Brush-less alternator (Stamford technology), AMF controller and 500 liters bunded steel bund can working 25 hours, with fork lift points making it easy transportation from anywhere.


WALT CUMMINS WGP-C100S 110kVA quiet commercial backup diesel generator for sale, cost-effective, efficient and robust units you can buy for your power needs. Fully enclosed sets design, water cooled 50℃ radiator can run in hot areas. Equipped with remote start and an automatic transfer switch cabinet and WALT brush-less alternator.


This 110 KVA emergency commercial backup diesel generator provides three phase output appliances. This means you can connect three phase appliances to the one generator- perfect for 380V, 400V and 415V appliances. Suited for larger loads found in job sites, industrial machinery, commercial or farming. Or as standby/backup generator for homes or office buildings. 


√. Standby Output Power: 110KVA/88KW

√. Prime Rated Power: 100KVA/80KW

√. Model WGP-C100S

√. Power factor 0.8

√. Amps 160A

√. Voltage 415V (380V, 400V optional)

√. Alternators: STAMFORD

√. Number of Phase: 3

√. Engine Model: CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-G2

. Schneider Breaker

. Powder coated enclosed silenced canopy with forklift holes and lift points

. Upgraded to UK DSE6120 controller

√. Number of cylinder: 4

√. Type: Vertical in-line four

√. Speed: 1500 rpm

√. Fuel tank: 300 Liters

√. Fuel consumption 20L/h (75% load)

√. Estimated working time 15 hours @ 100% load

√. Bunded fuel tank: Yes

√. Emergency stop button: Yes

√. Battery isolator: Yes

√. Recommended oil 15W40

√. Fully enclosed soundproof canopy: Yes

√. Outlets: 3×15 Amps 240V, 1×32 Amps 415V IP66 waterproof

√. Dimensions: L2900×W1080×H1600 mm

√. Weight 2310KGS

Optional Extras

Automatic Transfer Switch ATS- can be attached to your diesel generator and allows for automatic switching from your mains power to your standby/backup generator supply.


12 months or 1500 hours since goods arrive at your warehouse.


25 days since order confirmed.


Sea transportation


It’s important to ensure you select the right generator for your needs. So if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 0086-18717996108

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