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10 kVA Backup Silenced Diesel Generator Three Phase

WALT Power 10 kVA three phase diesel powered silent generator delivers 11 to 20 hours continuous working output. Compact structure, new enclosed sound attenuation canopy with lifting top access door with key lockable. Durable and easy to transport anyplaces you want. Pre-install safety brake wheels more stable while running. This is great choice for your emergency standby/backup power needs.

Silenced soundproof canopy ensure minimal noise when used at home or your work site. Providing on-site electricity for all uses, trades or home, who need a reliable source of power however mains power outage. This model comes fitted with ATS, which can automaticlly transfer in utility power and genset. 

WALT Power's Air Cooled Portable Generators provide reliable output power at great prices and backed by 12 months or 500 hours warranty for your peace of mind. This model complies with EU CE standards and certification. 

* This model is well suited to 2 wire auto start for off-grid backup/standby temporary power application, and battery charging and backup for off-grid power system during poor weather or in times of higher energy demand. 10 kVA single phase is also available.


√. Model: WDG-S12000DSE3 
√. Rated Output: 9 kVA
√. Maximum Output: 10 kVA
√. Phase Voltage: Three Phase 400V 
√. 633 cc Displacement Air Cooled 4 Stroke Engine
√. Frequency: 50 Hz 
√. Electric Start with 30 Ah Maintenance Free Battery
√. 27 Liters Top Fuel Tank 
√. Estimated run time: 10 - 12 hours @ 75% Load
√. Noise Level: 70 dBA @7M
√. Multi-Function 5 in 1 LCD Meter – ( volts, amps, hours, kW, Hz )
√. RCD & earth leakage 
√. Recommended Oil: 15W40
√. Recommended Fuel: Diesel
√. Dimensions L×W×H: 1060×720×860 mm
√. Weight: 210 Kg

* 60 Hz and other voltage are optional
* Note: Specification or configuration of this model is subject to change without notification. 


It's important to ensure you select the right diesel generator for your needs. Any questions or need some help please do hesitate to call us on 0086-18717996108 or via sales@waltpower.com

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