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 Perkins 135kVA to 2250kVA
Perkins 135kVA to 2250kVA
  • ※ Prime Output Range: 135kVA to 2250kVA

    ※ Standby Output Range: 150kVA to 2500kVA

    ※ Brand New Original PERKINS Diesel Engine

    ※ Heavy Duty Steel Base Frame

    ※ Integrated Safety Control System

    ※ 10 Hrs Large Capacity Diesel Fuel Tank

    ※ Equipped with Alarm and Smart System

Keywords: Perkins Industrial Standby Diesel Generator

For over 80 years PERKINS have worked with generator set manufacturers to bring light, warmth, protection and of course peace of mind to thousands of people. Perhaps you need an engine to operate in a harsh environment or under strenuous conditions. Maybe it will only ever be used in an emergency. But whether running every day or once a year, you can count on the world-class engine to create the innovative, efficient and reliable solutions whatever your application.

We believe WALT Perkins Industrial Standby Generators are great choice insomuch as power needs. Advanced in cooling and thermal practice, WALT Perkins Industrial Standby Generators are among the top-notch fuel efficient on the market. We are designed for power applications ranging can up to 2250kVA in diesel, and have plenteous models in order to particular from based in point of the be effective for which it is being purchased. One of Perkins latest generators from WALT Global Power, well-made for efficiency and affordability.

Standard Features of WALT Perkins sets:

1. Engine 7. Mounting flange of vent-pipe
2. Air cleaner 8. Coolant inlet
3. Alternator 9. Radiator
4. Control Cabinet 10. Lifting lug
5. Battery 11. Vibration isolator
6. Base frame


a. Powered by world famous engines Perkins

b. Load from 0-100%, frequency vibration within±0.25%

c. No load wire volts max undulation ratio within 0.5%

d. The fully covered load centre houses all the outlets, compression terminals, and circuit breakers

e. Fully PC or front panel configuration, automatic

f. shutdown when fault condition occurs.


g. Exhaust silencing system totally enclosed for operator safety

h. 50℃ radiator as standard, oil cooler, drain tap.


i. Every time the engine key is turned ON air is automatically purged from the fuel system.

Note: Design are subject to change without notification.

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