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Emergency Backup Generators
Walt Power offers emergency backup power generators for the healthcare, bank, retail and financial industries. Whether it is a storm or a general blackout, these places will be able to sustain power, and get it from an alternative source. Unlike regular generators that people use to maintain power in their homes, the generators used in the emergency market are a different type.

Depending on the size of the building and the amount of fuel stored on site, these types of generators can maintain power for at least 24 hours. It’s very important that these facilities have generator as backup, because power outages are often unexpected and unpredictable.

When the power goes out area-wide for any length of time, it can be a major cause of several different serious problems and concerns. If hospitals cannot maintain power, seriously ill and injured peoples’ lives are at risk.

Another issue is data loss. Millions of numbers and documents can be lost forever if servers go out, even temporarily. This can become a major crisis in not only the healthcare industry but also the banking, retail, and financial industries. 

We selected some models as emergency generators for your reference reference as below. These emergency generator with large capacity 24 hours running fuel tank and remote monitoring system. 

75KVA, 400V/50HZ, Silent Emgerency Generator, Powered by Cummins engine

132KVA, 400V/50HZ, Silent Emergency Generator, Powered by Cummins engine

250KVA, 400V/50HZ, Silent Emergency Generator, Powered by EU/USA Perkins engine

500KVA, 400V/50HZ, Silent Emergency Generator, Powered by EU/USA Perkins engine



It's important to ensure you select the right diesel generator for your needs. Any questions or need some help 
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