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LED Ad Truck Off-Grid Power

Walt Power offers premium and durability super quiet vehcile-mounted diesel generator for outdoor advertising/event which in order to provide continuous uninterrupted power for long time advertising equipment

We suggest before you ready to buy a vehicle-mounted generator for your digital mobile LED billboard truck, you have to consider below points.

Actual Output Power.  Digital Mobile Billboard Truck are mainly composed of LED display screen, computer, power amplifier, cooling fan, hydraulic lifting system, air conditioning, lighting and so on. Usually we suggestion 800 watts for per square meter, then 7 square meters need to 5600 watts ( 5.6KW ). Also if auxiliary equipment be considered amplifying 40%, then you will need 7800 watts (7.8KW). So prime rated 8KW diesel generator can be equipped with.

√. Fuel Type.  Diesel generator relative to gasoline engine has strong carrying capacity, good heat dissipation effect, stable speed, fuel saving, high safety performance, convenient maintenance. The vehicle-mounted generator is placed in a relatively closed space, and adopts water cooling, speed stable, strong cooling ability, can adapt to the high temperature inside the general. Diesel engine with the same power than gasoline engine fuel consumption is much lower, will save a lot of fuel cost to the user. The use of the diesel generator is more suitable for digital mobile billboard truck. 

√. Low Noise. WALT vehicle-mounted diesel generator with low noise even if in 100% load. Usually, digital mobile billboard truck is working at environment gathered in downtown streets, community, or the crowd, if the noise of diesel generator operation greatly, will not only greatly reduce LED display effect, perhaps already had no audience. So we suggest choose the noise below 68 dBA vehicle-mounted diesel generator. 

WALT Power supplies full range of 8.8kVA to 25kVA vehicle-mounted silent diesel generator in single and three phase. Powered by Kubota, Isuzu and China Fawde engine. Providing either prime power or standby/backup power sources on site.

KUBOTA Permanent Magnet Series

ISUZU and FAWDE Series


It's important to ensure you select the right diesel generator for your needs. Any questions or need some help
please do hesitate to call us on 0086-18717996108 or via sales@waltpower.com

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