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Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks

Digital mobile billboard truck with flexible mobility, low advertisement investment through efficient sound/light/electricity combination bring the maximum advertising effect for your business. WAL Global Power supplies the best quality compact and durability super quiet diesel generators for outdoor advertising for events and media across in order to provide continuous uninterrupted power.

There many brands generator in the market with dazzling prices. But which one is the most to suit your digital mobile billboard truck business? There are four positive suggestions for the users when you ready to buy a super quiet diesel generator for your digital mobile billboard truck business.

1)   Actual Power – Digital Mobile Billboard Truck are mainly composed of LED display screen, computer, power amplifier, cooling fan, hydraulic lifting system, air conditioning, lighting and so on. Usually we suggestion 800 watts for per square meter, then 7 square meters need to 5600 watts ( 5.6KW ). Also if auxiliary equipment be considered amplifying 40%, then you will need 7800 watts (7.8KW). So prime rated 8KW diesel generator can be equipped with.

2)   Fuel Type – Mainstream type is gasoline and diesel generator. Gasoline generator is cheaper than diesel generator, but not durability after long term load/cooling/daily maintenance/noise/cost save/safety etc,. super quiet diesel generator is the best choice. Because the diesel generator relative to gasoline engine has strong carrying capacity, good heat dissipation effect, stable speed, fuel saving, high safety performance, convenient maintenance. The generator is placed in a relatively closed space, the intake and exhaust air flow requirements higher. Gasoline generators are generally above 3000 rpm speed running, the machine itself, heat faster, plus the LED screen itself electronic components of the heat, if the ventilation is not good, the temperature inside is very easy to go beyond the normal operation of generators of environmental temperature. Once a user gasoline generator fault, measured the temperature inside the reaches as high as 80 ℃, continuous high temperature shutdown, the generator can not run. Plus gasoline burning low, considerable security risks. Diesel generator adopts water cooling, speed is generally stable, strong cooling ability, can adapt to the high temperature inside the general. Diesel engine with the same power than gasoline engine fuel consumption is much lower, will save a lot of fuel cost to the user. The use of the diesel generator is more suitable for digital mobile billboard truck

3)   Low Noise – Although super quiet diesel generator price is higher than open type, it is still your prior consideration. Digital mobile billboard truck using the sound, light, electricity to show the effect of the advertising pictures or broadcast field, bring the audience visual effect is its biggest advantage. Work environment gathered in downtown streets, community, the community, or the crowd, if the noise generator operation greatly, will not only greatly reduce LED display effect, perhaps already had no audience. So we suggest choose the noise below 68 dBA super quiet units.

4)   Generator Brand Choice - Due to the use of high frequency digital mobile billboard truck, sometimes a day should be 8 hours or more, good and timely maintenance is very important to enhance the life of generator. Most of cheap diesel generator with low initial input costs, but they are followed by incremental maintenance cost. WALT super quiet diesel generator for digital mobile billboard truck adopt Kubota diesel engine coupled with high efficiency rare earth permanent magnet alternator can offer super strong output power from 5.5 KVA to 22.5 KVA. Very low failure rated, long durability, low fuel consumption and noise bring you peace of mind use experiences.

If you have questions, please call us at 0086-18717996108 or 0086-21-60527951. You may also leave us a message through our website. Simply complete our online form here. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us today so we can discuss your digital mobile billboard truck generator requirements.


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